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There are good people in this world...

By: Some Dude on the 1st February 2009 at 10:50pm

Life - Biographical

This story is a bit of a personal one that involves a very tough moment of my life. It's pretty cool to share this as it has a great moment generosity from good people. This happened round about 4 years ago.

It all started out a pretty much ordinary grey day. I was thinking about my aunt on that dreary morning, who had sadly passed away, about 6 weeks prior and about not being able to attend. I was a student here in the U.K and she lived far away, about a 11hr flight. I just could not afford a flight ticket, a bit of a ridiculous situation I know, but I was stuck. I was earning a low wage and on such a strict budget, student life hey, what can you do? So, I had to miss it which was upsetting as she was a pretty cool aunt. I phoned up my family and they all understood the situation. It still didn't make me feel better.

Well on this average morning, I received another message. My father had just passed away! I had only spoken to him a few days ago. He also happened to be my aunt's brother, for which he was a pall barer. We even spoke about that. So shit eh! So, now what am I going to do, how am I going to get home, the situation had not changed. I couldn't afford a ticket. I am going nowhere!

I called my boss up to get some time off to sort something out. At that time I use to deliver sandwiches around London for a bit of cash while I was studying. Although he was sympathetic, he explained that I could have all the time I needed and he will get me a replacement. Unfortunately, on such short notice he couldn't do anything for me for that day. Well, you just can't throw all that food away hey, and maybe the cycle will do me some good.

My area for delivering sandwiches was around London Bridge. It's amazing how awesome St Paul's cathedral can be on a day like that. I had to visit about 15 companies or so and because I only spent a few minutes each office, the unique culture of each company was quite apparent. I mean working at the Globe Theatre or a trading floor is vastly different. Thinking back, When I arrived at the trading floor they use to say, "Hey, the Salmanella man is here" - which is quite funny, now. But some of the companies were really cool. So, I arrived at one of my favourite companies, and they just had a fantastic atmosphere. It was an architect firm of some sort, near Borough market down a cobbly road, such a lovely area. It was always fun visiting them. They were always a chatty, cheerful bunch and they also happened to buy most of my sandwiches. Perhaps they just saw it as a break from stress and would go chat to the 'sandwich guy' rather than 'the Salmanella man'. On one particular floor, they loved to banter, which I do also. They were giving me grief and teasing me about being late, as I was rather far behind schedule. Also they were hungry. I was in no mood for banter and explained to them the crap situation. I had being going there for ages so I could be frank with them. They were apologetic and sympathised then wished me good luck, which I appreciated.

I finished for the day, duties were done now and had gone home. For the next few days I needed to start looking for a way to get home. Found out how much a flight costs, try to get a credit card, beg, borrow and steal from friends and pay them back later, so I can scrape a collection together. It's a really rubbish situation to be in as one doesn't expect to be caught out like that. A few days later my boss called me up to let me know that someone at the architect company wanted to speak to me. I asked what was it for and he said he wasnt sure, just to ring them, wierd but ok! So I did and the chap on the other end told me to meet up as he had something for me. Perhaps it's a little card or a collection or some nice gesture, so I said ok.

So not really sure about the situation and feeling a bit awkward I set off to visit him. Brought my girlfriend with at the time for some moral support. I called the guy up and he came down to meet me in the reception. He was very kind and said that he was very sorry to hear the bad news and heard about my problem from the others in the building. He explained that they did a collection through the office. Although I dont like hand outs, I couldn't refuse the generousity. I thanked the man and asked him to thank the others for me. He then gave me an envelope. My girlfriend and I went for a cup of coffee afterwards and had a about how great these guys are for doing a collection for a 'sandwich guy'. She was saying that it's fantastic as I have a few extra pennies to add to my ticket. As I opened the envelope, I nearly fell of the seat. I was a bit breathless, and confused. I stared at the envelope in total disbelief. They had given me just under £500. Practically, enough to go anywhere I want. It's mind boggling what they did for me and because of them I managed to get my ticket and go to my dad's funeral. He was buried next to my aunt also.

Although this happened years ago I want to thank these people again who where so kind during this sad time. I don't deliver sandwiches now and consequently have lost touch with them. I hope they manage to read this. Its good to know that the world is full of such quality people. I hope everybody gets to experience such kindness. Take care.


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  • Bexley, United Kingdom

    Jaffa on the 1st February 2009 at 8:35pm

    Although this was a really sad situation, I'm glad the story has a happy ending and it shows that there are some good people out there - so take that, Mr Jack Johnson!

  • Skane, Sweden

    Another Dude on the 7th February 2009 at 12:17pm

    There are lots of good people out there! We just seem to be a bit outnumbered that's all. And you know what? It takes a good one to know a good one too ;)