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Tesco, two days in a row is too much.

By: Some Dude on the 9th February 2009 at 3:21pm

This weekend, I had to house sit my girlfriends place, ominous I know, but that is not the issue here. The fact that there was no food in the house is also not the issue as shopping is done on weekends. So I had to shop myself. It’s cool, I am quite capable of shopping, I even enjoy it, plus its a lovely walk through all the plush houses where she lives.


The walk there on Saturday was quite lovely. I said good morning to an older gentleman out for his walk. Although freezing, there were some birds singing, and it was nice to still see some snow around out there. Quite lovely really and the air was fresh, until walking through the doors at the ‘warehouse’.


Just so many people, too many people, kids running, continues bleeps of the infinate tills trying to sound as one. The aisles are a traffic junction of filled up trolleys colliding with each other. After a sigh and holding my breath I say, "Oh, it’s not so bad." I go get my basket. And right there, where the entrance meets the basket holders, the cigarette counter along with the begining of the ludicrous queues, there is this father wanting to beat his kid right there in front of about a hundred people. With fist clenching, a red face, necks veins bulging, leaning into the poor childs face screaming with such intensity "Get into the f&*king queue!". All of us are bewildered as I picked up my basket. Freaking hell I havent even been here for a minute yet, lets make this damn quick. Hell, I will come back tomorrow for the rest when its quieter.  


As I move swiftly through the gauntlet, of traversing trollies, I am thinking, "What’s quick, a stir fry is, quick to buy, quick to cook." The shopping is done, and now just to join one of 30 aisles. I get a reasonable queue size, and wait my turn. I finally hear the blissful bleeping of my items being bleeped. But, the poor old lady cashier, suddenly stops, she dips a tissue in a plastic cup, and wipes her eye under her glasses, blinking ferociously and then continues on. She has a terrible bulging weeping eye and is touching stuff. It looked seriously uncomfortable, so much so that anybody who saw it shared the pain and blinked with. About as uncomfortable when you see someone else getting smashed in the nads and you hold yours in empathy. The poor lady obviously feels she has to work like that through these tough times. For gods sakes, it’s not Egypt during the building of the Pyramids, the company should let the lady off, let her get better and take care of her. They say they love their staff.  


Right! So it’s the next day, Sunday roast ingredients are needed to welcome my girlfriend's arrival. Back at the warehouse entrance, there is no dad wanting to beat his kids, the aisles are a little quieter, and things go a little smoother. I get my things and find a quick queue. This time there is no weeping eye cashier. I place my items on the counter and wait my turn.


The cashier says to some guy in a uniform behind me. "Oi, I need a void, can you help me!" Damn, his little green light is on for assitance, this is going to take time. The guy behind me stands on his tippy toes, looks left, looks right, and says "Nah mate, I see no one!" and walks off. Hell, the cashier who asked you for help just did that you idiot, he meant go find somebody or just say you are busy. The cashier then walks off himself. There are about 10 green lights as I look down, so I think, "This is going to take some time". The lady in front walks off with him, why? A few minutes later, another cashier arrives, great! This ‘void’ can be done with now. I find out she is there to cover the previous cashiers break, even though he hasn’t been there for 5 minutes. She asked me if the items are mine and I reply, "No, it’s some ladies stuff, she has walked off with the guy who was on the till to get a void I think, this is my stuff, here behind hers". Ten minutes go by, do I move or wait, this is going to take long I think. Ah hell, so I move my stuff to another till, behind those waiting people.


Anyway, I my stuff gets bleeped. The previous ‘cover’ cashier is doing her nails with the items still there for the owner to claim. She returns as I am packing, minus the original cashier, and still no void. I was glad to leave and can’t report the results after that. Shopping is obviously too complicated for me or it maybe it’s just bad luck.

There is no point to this story except shopping sucks, especially 2 days in a row.


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  • Redbridge, United Kingdom

    Denice on the 9th February 2009 at 6:46pm

    Beat this, I was returning something in Marks and Spencer and a guy threatened to punch me in the face! Supermarkets are mental hospitals without the drugs and cushioned walls!