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Probably my most embarrassing moment...

By: hedgehog on the 13th February 2009 at 1:01am

Being the proud mother of three exceptionally gifted offspring, I had the daily school run to contend with.  My eldest was collected by school bus to be whisked off to the the wondrous regions of outstanding school wizardry and I was left to deposit my remaining two (equally wondrous) enfant terribles to their respective infant and junior schools.

My father had upgraded his car and had therefore bequested his previous mode of transport to me.  I had not been driving this vehicle for very long before this occasion arose.

I had waited for my eldest offspring to be collected and then set out on my own delivery programme to ensure all my children were at school at the right time.

Having delivered the two youngest to infant and junior sections respectively I then made my way back to my car.  I then noticed that some trim to the bumper was hanging off so I decided that I should pull it off rather than it drag along the road whilst I was driving home.  Whilst I was engaged in pulling the bumper apart I beacame aware of a presence watching me.  I said, "It's ok, it is my car."  The lady watching me said "No, it is my car." 

I looked at the car and it had a sunroof which my mode ofn transport did not have and it was, on closer inspection,not my car.

I stood holding the bumper and the lady took it from me.  I offered to pay for any damage and gave my name but the lady just took the bumper from me and got into her car.

 I then stood outside the school and said to myself and whoever else was listening "So where is my car?"  I eventually found my car but still feel embarrassed that I attempted to hijack someone else's.


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  • Bexley, United Kingdom

    Monkey on the 13th February 2009 at 10:23am

    Haha! Oops!

  • Skane, Sweden

    Another Dude on the 13th February 2009 at 11:08am