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Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

By: Monkey on the 14th February 2009 at 11:55pm

Thursday was Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. Adding to this is the bonus of the 150th anniversary of the first publication of his Origin of the Species. It just goes to show that you can still achieve something of merit in older age, although that said he did delay the publication for years for fear of his wife's religious views and having enough proof to support his argument. I understand he kept the manuscript hidden under the stairs all that time.

To celebrate his now mostly accepted and scientifically proven discovery, there are lots of monuments, exhibitions and the like being kicked off this year (details of which can befound here). One such event occurred on his Birthday itself - the unveiling of his statue in the Great Hall at the Natural History Museum, as well as a viewing of his new exhibition. I was amazingly enough invited (my girlfriend is a VIP, I'm a mere plus one - which I suppose is better than a zero). Nice shindig - themed canapes, champage, smoke machines and guest speakers. I suppose we were there to mingle, but the champagne was topped up so quickly, I doubt that was a particularly good idea. Those scientists really know how to throw a party.

I said earlier that The Theory of Evolution was only mostly accepted. Why, in the face of something like evidence would you not believe something? Ah, there we have an old problem. I won't launch my standard attack on organised (or indeed disorganised) religion right here. Instead, we'll refer to a newspaper article from The Metro which tells of a Creationist museum/theme park. Sounding much like the Natural History Museum in some of it's exhibits, but without the... umm... history bit:

"The highlight of the museum for me, and most of the children visiting, are the dinosaurs. One very large and realistic model munches foliage before letting rip with a biblical-sized roar; others happily board Noah's Ark, which was obviously much larger than I had thought.

According to the museum [dinosaurs] are only 6,000 years old and, until Eve committed that first sin, they were veggies.

My favourite exhibit depicts a young child happily frolicking with a couple of them as pets, refuting the scientific view that dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years before the arrival of human beings."


How great is that? The full article is here if you'd like to know more about this creative creation created by Creationists.

 The only thing left to say about Darwin, without focussing too deeply on his work, was a story that the Minister for Sport and Culture told at the party which he got from Wikipedia (best place to research anything). Apparently, in amongst Darwin's notes was a small analysis of the pros and cons to marriage. In favour, Darwin jotted "constant companion and a friend in old age ... better than a dog anyhow" and against marriage: "less money for books” and “terrible loss of time.”

How can you not like a dude who thinks in such a thoroughly modern way, even 126 years after his death.


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