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An embarrasing story of a burst bubble.

By: Anthony on the 15th February 2009 at 11:13am


It was my last year of primary school and I was over 12yrs. I was about to join the realms of the teens. I also had this enourmous school crush on this girl in my English class, I liked her so much. It is a difficult time when you are in puberty isn't it. I mean your voice is breaking, all these new hormones and stuff is growing. The first time you just like a girl it feels like love, it's intense. This girl was damn pretty too, so it was love. Even though I never spoke to her or could look her in the eye, I was in love. But she would only talk to the cool crowd, she hung out with the footballers and I wasn't very good at it. So in a desparate attempt to woo her I had to come up with a plan and do some hard work to get myself into the inner circle that football crowd. After a while I was on a kind of probation period, thanks to my buddy who put in a good word for me. He was a footballer and also happened to be my neighbour. Anyway one day in English class, on a freezing cold winters day, our teacher gave us a project. She told us that we had to come up with a 5 minute speech on any subject of our choice. We never had a choice before, so it was a bit exciting.


So naturally, I chose volcanoes. It's grand subject to a pre-teen's mind. We had about a week to prepare for this event. So I did my research, wrote out my flash cards, got a little poster demonstrating the disection of volcanoes, it showed their magma chambers and so on. I even had a little pointing stick to point out the items on my little poster. I got my mom to test me on my timings, to make sure it was 5 minutes. I was a little bit of a class clown too, so for the finale, I prepared a little joke. I had hoped it will lead to some extra points with the teacher. Oh and it might help improve relations with this girl also. If I can get her to laugh I might even get her to talk to me.


So speech day arrived and I was a bit nervous. I getting over a stinking cold by this time too, so I was extra nervous. By midday we arrived at the English lesson and the teacher called up the first candidate. It went rather well actually. I was sitting at the back of the class, sniffling, and listening to each speech as the teacher called out the next name. Everytime she called a name I got butterflies as the anticipation of my name being called drew closer. Eventually about three quaters of the way through the lesson, the inevitable happened, and my name got called. Ok! Here goes! I grab my rolled up poster, my little pointer stick, my flash cards and all eyes on me, walked to the front of the class. As I walk, I couldn't stop thinking about this girl, she is going to hear my speech. By now everybody knew I liked her which made me more nervous. So I had better make this good.


I set up the display, took a breath and said shakily, "Good morning class, today I am going to talk about volcanoes!" Pheew, that was ok, now for the next line, deep breath and continued. The more I spoke the easier it seemed to get and my confidence started to grow. I flowed through my flash cards, I pointed out all the points of interest on my little poster. It was brilliant and the class was actually really interested in what I had to say. I was making good eye contact and everybody was looking back at me. As I get to the end, I start preparing the scene for the joke. I deliver the line the whole class bursts into laughter. I look around and realise my joke worked, it really worked, and I was so gleefully happy that I burst into laughter to join in, and blew this big snot bubble out of my right nostril. It came from nowhere and it was massive, as big as shiney granny smiths' apple on my face - bulging stiffly from my nose - I even saw it in the bottom of my peripheral vision as I watched the class stare at it. After 2 or 3 seconds like a burst blown-up bubble-gum bubble, it popped on my face. The class made a graveyard seem like a night club on an airport runway, it was so quiet. It was disgusting! Stupid freaking cold! To scared to rub it off and make a worse mess as there was alot, I turned to the teacher and with the last remnants of pride, I said to her, "Ma'am, may I please excuse myself from the classroom?" I wanted to get out of there. She replied with her hand over her mouth sniggering, "Go, go quickly!".


As I was walking to the toilets and cupping my chin with my hand as if I had a nose bleed, I was thinking, me and this girl, its over - which it was. Also I ruined my probation with the cool kids, as news travels fast you know. I did manage to get extra marks but as a sympathy thing. Extra marks for attempt she said. So every time I talk to a large crowd now, I get transported back to the front of that classroom and can't stop touching my nose. This, I think is probably the root of my fear of public speaking.






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