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Ketchup romance

By: Riley on the 9th May 2009 at 12:38pm


I'm sure some of you will have heard this story, but I like telling it, so tough.

I do like a good radio phone in competition, the chance to embarass myself on national radio is all a boy could ask for. For example, I once called up Keith Chegwin to tell him the answer to a riddle was "'cos he had the hump" - that was, of course not the answer and I hung up the phone with it's extendible chord between my legs. Another occasion saw me confess to Adam and Joe that I spend about 15 hours a day on the computer (this figure is probably about right and doesn't include playing on games consoles) - that one got me Kasabian tickets though.

Xfm, on the occasion in question, asked the fateful question: "What's the cheapest thing you've ever bought for your girlfrind or boyfriend" Since I don't have a boyfriend, I thought about all the cheap things I've bought for my girlfriend. I was made to wait on the line as people said they bought plastic flowers, rubber ducks and other synthetically produced animals and vegetables. All of this I trumped with the words "Since we've been saving to buy a house, I've taken to presenting my girlfriend with packs of ketchup stolen from cafes and restaurants (usually without purchasing anything)." Out of pity we were sent off to sunny London to see the Fratelli's. Free stuff is great, especially when all you need to do to get it is be really cheap and scabby.



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