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Another year older...

By: hedgehog on the 16th December 2009 at 2:01am


Well, another birthday has come to smack me in the face!  Birthdays used to be joyous events full of jelly, ice cream and strangely shaped parcels.  Then came the year that my birthday fell whilst my Dad was in intensive care having had major surgery for cancer.  Birthday time assumed another persona.  That of, let's pass over me quickly because there are far more important issues going on.  I don't think that Birthday as a concept ever really recovered.  Sadly, my father didn't either.

So, today is my birthday - hurrah!  I shall celebrate the fact that I am still alive to experience all that is thrown at me in the maelstrom of life.  I shall even raise a glass to celebrate the lives of those I have loved who are no longer with us to share the experience and those I love who are very much alive.  Birthdays are an acknowledgement of our progression through the human condition and a testimony to the fact that even though we become chronologically older we don't necessarily become any older in our hearts.

I don't feel my age and am determined to become old disgracefully.  I apologise in advance to my offspring for embarrassment I will cause them and for embarrassment I have (probably) already caused them.

There is a tendency for females in my family to have fairly long lives.  My great grandmother was 104 when she died and my great aunt passed away recently at the age of 100.  In the words of Freddy Mercury "who wants to live forever?"  I certainly don't.  However, I would like to leave some trace of me in people's fond memories when my time comes.

So, today is my birthday - hurrah!  I shall speak to people I love and hope to spend time in the company of people I find interesting and stimulating.  Not just today but in the foreseeable future. Because birthdays are not just for today but for reminding us of our mortality and most importantly that we should grasp every second  and seize every moment of time we have on this earth alive and kicking. 

Life is not a rehearsal and so our 'performance' should be as complete as possible.  Hopefully this will be the first of many future birthdays and there may be jelly, ice cream and strangely shaped parcels. 

What might make this birthday unique?  I am not sure, apart from the knowledge that today is as young as I shall ever be but the future holds possibilities that may make me catch my breath in ways I have not even begun to comprehend.

If it is your birthday today or in the near future, or just when it is your birthday.  Take a moment to consider all the wonderful things in your life and you may not even need the jelly, ice cream and strangely shaped parcels. Many happy returns of the day!x


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